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                                      Boats & Watercraft

Putting some time in on the water can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the day.  There are, however numerous obstacles that could compromise this outing and put you or your property in harms way.  Our agency is trained to recognize the risks associated with boating and build an insurance policy to help safeguard you and your possessions.  Whether you are a tournament angler, weekend fisherman, or recreational boater, we offer numerous insurance policies from multiple insurance carriers that can be tailored to fit your needs.

We currently offer coverage for:

Fishing Boats                       Guide/Charter Boats       Tournament Boats

Waterfowl/Duck Boats     Runabouts                        Pontoons                   

Cruisers                                 Yachts                                 Sailboats

Performance Boats              Launches                          Excursions                                        

Product highlights include:

·         Agreed Value Coverage for Vessels on water, ashore or during transit.

·         Liability Coverage for bodily injury & property damage to third parties.

·         Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters Liability Coverage that matches liability limits.

·         Medical Payments Coverage for guests, passengers, and insureds.

·         Increased Personal Effects/Equipment Coverage

·         Emergency Service and Towing Coverage

·         Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Optional Coverages Include:

·         Coverage for Fishing Guides/Professional Anglers

·         OEM Parts Replacement

·      Coverage for Fishing Equipment off Premises

·         Coverage for Tournament Use/Competition

·         Custom Wrap/Graphics Coverage

·         Full Replacement Cost Coverage

·         Contaminant Spill/Pollution Liability Coverage

·         Indirect Physical Loss Coverage

Discounts Available for:

 Experienced Operators         3 Years Claims Free        
 Prior Boat Ownership           New Boats

 Multi-Policy                              Multi-Watercraft
 6 Pack Charter Captains        Other USCG Courses


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